Choreography, Teaching and Direction

Choreographic Work

Dianne has choreographed upwards of 35 live contemporary dance works, mostly for independent or community dance settings and tertiary dance programs.

I often incorporate text in my choreographic process as a tool for generating material with the dancers.  Some of this text becomes incorporated in performance (either spoken by the dancers or incorporated in the soundtrack), but the majority of it functions as a device for finding particular rhythms and qualities in the movement and to provide imagery and a shared history for the performers. Essentially, my process is about setting up relationships that allow risk, that reveal the individual, and then my artwork is about making the connections.Dianne Reid
Finally, Dianne Reid and Luke Hickmott gave us Magnificent Sadness, physically more complex than the other pieces. Led by different body parts moving into and out of the floor, Hickmott covered the floor in a way in which the other pieces did not, engaging in a range of movement qualities. The pace of his execution, the density of muscular tone, the sense of tension, and breadth of focus varied, as well as the way in which space was covered added a depth to this short piece. Magnificent Sadness Review : Philipa Rothfield in RealTime 86


August X (2021) One of five choreographers for this inaugural livestream event by Dance Hub SA

I have this collection… (2013) 22 mins, 10 dancers, Deakin University

Closer Terror No Sir Nearer (2010) 19 mins, 6 dancers, Deakin University

A Broken Puzzle (2010) 20 mins, 11 dancers, Weave Movement Theatre

Perfectly Imperfect (2010) Theatre piece, Fusion Theatre/Wheel Women (Dir: Larry Boyd)

Vargkaffe (Wolfcoffee) (2009) 45 mins. Choreography: Reid, Durning, Skånberg-Dahlstedt, Ricklundgarden, Saxnas, Sweden. (Funded by a travel grant of $3700 from Arts Victoria)

Magnificent Sadness (2008) 10 mins, solo for Luke Hickmott, Girls on Boys Dancehouse

Needing & Wanting Things (2007) 16 mins, 11 dancers, Victorian College of the Arts

Place between two rivers (2007) 25 mins, 6 dancers, Room2Move Youth Dance Co, Geelong

Unfixed (2006) 50 mins, 10 dancers, Darpana Academy, Ahmedabad & Mumbai, India
(Funded with a Performing Arts residency of $12,000 from Asialink)

Caravan Ride (2005) 5 mins, 8 dancers, Splash Festival, Geelong

Friends of Yoko (2003) 22 mins, 12 dancers, Deakin University

Scenes from another life (2003) 22 mins, solo, Bodyworks Dancehouse

Other (2002) 25 mins, 24 performers, Deakin University

Enough Said (2001) 12 mins, 21 dancers, Deakin University

Stay Standing (2001) 7 mins, solo for Katie Moore, Kings St Arts Centre, Perth

27 Seconds (2000) 18 mins, 17 dancers, Legacy, WAAPA, Perth

Calm (1999) 5 mins, solo, Great Escapes, Dancehouse

Vision Quest (1999) 11 dancers, Deakin University

Lerv (1998) 18 dancers, Deakin University

The 12 stages of adventure (1998) mins, 6 dancers, Dancehouse

Lay Bare (1997) 17 mins, solo, SomeBodies & Mixed Metaphor, Dancehouse

Wrecked (1997) 60 mins, collaboration with Daryl Pellizzer & Kim Vincs, Deakin University

Motion sickness (1997) 5 mins, solo, Great Escapes, Dancehouse

Point of view (1996) duet with Jane Mortiss, Bodyworks, Dancehouse

A Deep let Go (1996) 22 dancers, Deakin University

Itch (1996) 6 mins, solo, Great Escapes, Dancehouse

Blue Lake Festival (1994/95) Opening and Closing ceremonies, Mt. Gambier

Whitehorse Festival (1994) Outdoor Community Theatre Event, Box Hill

Betrayal (1993) quartet & 16mm film, Danceworks at the Gasworks, Danceworks

The Eyes Have It (1991) Off the Cuff, Danceworks, Extensions Studio

Excuses (1990) Alive & Kicking, Danceworks, Extensions Studio

Clubbing (1990) Freestyling, Danceworks, South Melbourne

Hanging by a Threat (1989) Really Working, Outlet Dance, Adelaide

Splice of Life (1989) Motor Drive, Outlet Dance, Adelaide

Talkback (1988) 11 mins, New Works, Outlet Dance, Adelaide



Teaching & Direction

Dianne is a well-respected and sought after teacher and mentor who was based in Melbourne for 26 years. She creates work and teaches across multiple disciplines (dance, media/video, theatre) regularly lecturing at major tertiary dance programs, providing training for contemporary dance companies and collaborating with independent dancers.

“My dance ‘style’ is a hybrid fusing contemporary dance, yoga, physical theatre and post-modern aesthetics. There is a deep underpinning in my movement vocabulary of my own musicality and love of rhythm/syncopation (extensive background in tap-dance and music practice and theory) and my pioneer modern styles dance training (Martha Graham and Doris Humphrey via my University teachers) mixed with my interest in the everyday in movement (have had direct experience working with Judson/Post-modern greats Steve Paxton, Deborah Hay, Lisa Nelson, Eva Karczag).”


Tutti Arts Dance group—screendance workshops (2023)

Step Up research project, Flinders University—dance for stroke survivors (2022)

Eastwood Dance group—contemporary dance classes (2020–23)

OSCA—Of Boys & Men/The Men of Shadows Project—warm-up classes, May 2019; rehearsal assistant May 2021.

Resthaven Paradise—movement classes for aged community (2019/20)

Panpapanpalya—a week of ‘taster’ classes in contact improvisation, July 2018.

Salamanca Moves and The Moves Dance Festivals, Hobart (2016 & 2018)—screendance and improvisation; inclusive arts practice.

Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Move-It Summer Intensive—Dance & Camera, August 2014.

Deakin University (1996–2004; 2008–2010; 2013-18)—contemporary dance, dance video, physical theatre, choreography and production.

Country Arts SA—movement direction for Under My Feet, a short dance film in collaboration with Heather Frahn (music) & Jeni Lee (film) & local dancers/musicians in the Port Elliot/Goolwa region (2012). Premiere screening at Goolwa Signal Point Gallery, April 7th 2013.

Ahmedabad schools: Apang Manav Mandal; Delhi Public; Anand Niketan; Riverside, September 2012.

Australian Dance Theatre—contemporary dance/company class (2011 & 2012)

Ausdance SA—dance improvisation (2011 & 2012)

Carclew Youth Arts—video artist, Urban Culture Project Stages 1 & 2 (2012)

Refugee/Recently Arrived Arts Program, AMES and Big West Festival (2010)

Weave Movement Theatre—choreographer/filmmaker (2010)

Artists in Schools program, St Stephens School, Reservoir (2010)

Box Hill Institute—contemporary dance (2010)

Darpana Academy, India (2009)—contemporary dance

Danscentrum Väst, Dans i Västerbotten & Dansalliansen, Sweden—contemporary dance & dance video, August 2012.

Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance—contemporary dance (2009)

Dancehouse—Artistic Director (2004–2006) & contemporary dance technique (2002–2006)

The Australian Youth Choir—recruitment program (2007)

The Women’s Circus—acro-dance (2004 & 2007)

Chunky Move (2002–2004)—advanced contemporary technique.

West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (2000)—contemporary dance technique & repertory.

Melbourne University Student Union—“Stomp” classes (1997)

Victoria University of Technology (1994–95)—contemporary dance technique.

Victorian College of the Arts—contemporary technique (1993), dance video, career planning (2008), external assessor (2004–09)

South Australian College of Advanced Education—contemporary dance technique & repertory.

Danceworks (1990–96)—contemporary dance technique.

Dance Theatre of Ireland, Dublin (1992)—contemporary dance technique.

NIDA Open Program—movement for actors (1989)

Come Out 89 Festival (Carclew)—dance performances & workshops, regional tour, Outlet Dance (1989)

Thebarton High School—choreographer for Rock and Roll Eisteddfod (1989)

Adelaide Fringe—dance workshops (1988)

The Second Story Youth Health Centre—dance sessions (1988)

Ceduna Dance Group—dance workshops in contemporary & tap (1987)

Port Youth Theatre Workshop—movement direction/choreography (1987–89)