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2020 Adelaide Fringe Award Weekly

Weekly Winner, Best Dance, Adelaide Fringe 2019, 2020 & 2024
Nominated Best Dance & Physical Theatre, Melbourne Fringe 2019

Reid creates unique boutique performances combining dance, physical theatre and video projection in unusual locations, including underground tunnels, train carriages and convent hallways. Her recent work, “Cabin Fever”, originally set in a cabin in a caravan park for Adelaide Fringe, has also been set in a 1978 Viscount Explorer and a 1979 Windsor caravan, for a maximum of 8 audience members. In this cross-art form structured improvisation Reid interacts and activates all aspects of the location—the physical space of the location and the bodies of the audience members—through a manipulation of dance, text and video projection. Over its 30-minute duration, themes of isolation, mortality, and social disconnection are playfully teased out through a visceral engagement with the living, breathing body. This woman is in search of a community that she can touch and play cards with—harking back to the ancient connections of ritual and risk and dancing up her ancestors—illuminated by the fluorescent hues of the mid 1970’s. Accompanying this solo is an original soundtrack collaged and manipulated by Dianne with contributions by Adelaide composer/musicians Stuart Day and Heather Frahn.

Expect to move and be moved in this half hour encounter with a woman contemplating escape.


“outstanding but seamless confluence of physicality, digital video, text and voice”—Lisa Lanzi, Theatre Travels

“Funny, shrewd, lightning fast, mind-f***ingly, ricochetingly clever! Left me breathless”—Chris Boyd@melbournearts

“a marvellous work, deeply and intimately engaging. Reid’s is a rare skill indeed.”—Peter Burdon, The Advertiser  ★★★★★




This online performance is a danced greeting card, a cinematic conversation between performer and real-time viewers. To bring personal conversation into the ‘Zoom’ experience, Reid poses the questions: “Where is your joyful place? Which people or creatures resonate with you?        What are some of your strongest memories of physical movement?   What is happening to you in this moment?

“Especially for you” draws on each participant’s memories of place, sensation and intimacy to create a shared celebration.

Thought-provoking, quirky, original; this is intimate dance at its bestCarl Cranstone – Rip it Up magazine

Dianne Reid’s experimental work challenges the boundaries between dance performance and dance spectatorRachel Donnelly, Festival Journal, Edinburgh


Past Projects

(*number of performances)

X (2021) Livestream performance combining improvised dance and music curated by Dance Hub SA.

Guru Dudu Silent Disco Walking Tours (2020–23) Adelaide Fringe tour guide. Adelaide CBD and regions (*225)

The Smithergreens (2020–21) Writer & performer. Comedy/music duo with Stuart Day, Adelaide Fringe 2020 & 2021 (*7)

Cabin Fever (2019 & 2020) Solo site-specific. Adelaide Fringe & Melbourne Fringe Festivals. Winner: Adelaide Fringe Bank SA Weekly Award for Best Dance 2019 & 2020. Nominated for Best Dance & Physical Theatre, Melbourne Fringe 2019 (*58)

Glanc you for having me (2019 & 2020) Performer. Adelaide Fringe 2019, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019, Fringeworld, Perth 2020 (*41)

Now Pieces 2 (2019) Improvised performance. Curated by Kevin Jeynes. Dancehouse, North Carlton

Precipice (2013, 2014, 2016, 2017) Improvised performance. Improv Festival, Gorman House, Canberra (*12)

Dancing Moments (2017) Improvised performance. Riddells Creek Studio

Nothing but bones in the way (2017) Improvised performance with Melinda Smith. Featuring musicians Mark Lang & Jo Quail, Abbotsford Convent

Three Solos (2016) Improvised performance. Cecil Street Studio, Fitzroy

DancEscape (2016) Improvised performance with Melinda Smith. Montrose Public Hall for ‘Dance Here’ project supported by Yarra Ranges Shire

Dianne Reid & Melinda Smith (2016) Improvised performance. International Day of Disability & International Women’s Day, Yarra Ranges (*2)

Dance Interrogations 2016. Improvised performance with Melinda Smith. Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne, 2016; Salamanca Moves, Hobart, 2016; & Ten Days on the Island 2017. Supported by Australia Council for the Arts and Arts Victoria (*8)

Flings with strings (2016) Improvised performance with Melinda Smith. Featuring cellist Jo Quail, Abbotsford Convent

Dance Interrogations (a diptych) (2015) Improvised site-specific performance. Solo and duet with Melinda Smith. At Synergy Gallery and Abbotsford Convent for Melbourne Fringe (*7)

Zen, Death, Taxes and Dancing (2015) Improvised solo performance. Curated by perfomer Paul Roberts, La Mama Theatre, Carlton (*2)

Burrinja with Attitude (2015) Improvised performance with Melinda Smith. Burrinja Theatre, Upwey

The Autumn Women’s Night (2015) Improvised performance. Cecil Street Studio, Fitzroy

Unbecoming (2014) Improvised performance with Melinda Smith. Deakin Dance Studio for Melbourne Fringe & The Little Con-ference (*8)

Crip the Light Fantastic (2014) Improvised performance with Melinda Smith. Wyselaskie Auditorium, Parkville

The Summer Series (2014) Improvised performance. Cecil Street Studio, Fitzroy

The Little Con Express (2013) Performer and curator. 2 improvised performances of five hours with co-performers Dani Cresp, Ann-maree Ellis, Melinda Smith, Shaun McLeod, Paul Roberts, Madison Phillips, Sophie Darling, Bronwen Kamasz. Synergy Gallery, Brunswick East, October 2013 (*2)

Clock It (2013) Improvised performance. Curated by David Wells. Big West Festival, Substation, Newport

Dance Interrogations (in the red train) (2013) Solo site-specific. Synergy Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne Fringe, & Dancehouse, Tertiary Dance Week (*8)

Up the Ante (2013) Improvised performance. Cecil Street Studio

Taking it to the edge—The Little Con (2013) Improvised performance. Arts Space, Wodonga

Dance Hall (2012) Performer/collaborator. Residency with Parachutes For Ladies, as part of Adhocracy, produced by Vitalstatistix, Port Adelaide (*3)

Alive! 20 years/20 choreographers (2012) Guest performer. Dancehouse Anniversary Season, Melbourne

Dance Interrogations (2012) Solo site-specific. Medina Tunnels, Adelaide Fringe & Sweet Venues, Edinburgh Fringe. Nominated for Best Dance, Adelaide Fringe 2012 (*12)

NICE (National Impro Coaching Exchange) (2011) Improvised performance. Dancehouse & Deakin University.

Vargkaffe (Wolfcoffee) (2009) Dancer/collaborator. Choreography: Dianne Reid, Heidi Durning, Ami Skånberg-Dahlstedt. Various venues in Lappland, Sweden (*6)

The Last Tuesday Society (2009) Improvised performance. Yah Yahs, Collingwood

Explode (2009) Improvised performance. Small Block Cafe, East Brunswick

UnMakeable Love (2008-09) Motion capture performer. For iCinema. Director: David Pledger

Song of Longing (2008) Dancer. Choreography: Anne O’Keeffe. VCA Studio 1 (*4)

Musicircus (2007) Improvised performance. As part of Melbourne International Arts Festival at Federation Square

Bedtime Story (2007) Motion capture performer. For trailer, Act 3 Animation/Movement Now Media

Dances the size of photographs (2007) Improvised performance. At Deakin University, Burwood

Practice as Research (2007) Improvised performance with Shaun McLeod. For book launch at the McCulloch Gallery, Melbourne

Unfixed (2006) Choreographer/dancer. Natarani Theatre, Darpana, Ahmedabad, India (*2)

The Removalists (2006) Actor/dancer. A danced film by Simon Green & Gerard Veltre

Zap (2006), Improvised performance. For Ruth Zaporah and guests program at Dancehouse, Melbourne

The Little Con (2005–10) Improvised performance. At Cecil Street Studio, North Fitzroy (*40+)

The Joker (2005) Performer. Dancehouse/Melbourne International Comedy Festival (*5)

The Dance Card (2004), Improvised performance. At Dancehouse, Melbourne (*5)

Places I have been (2004) Dancer/collaborator. Choreography: Luke Hockley. At Dancehouse

Conundrum (2003 & 05), Improvised performance. At Cecil Street Studio, North Fitzroy (*2)

Scenes from another life (2003) Dancer & choreographer. Bodyworks, Dancehouse (*5)

Duo Australis season (2002), Improvised performance. With live musical duo at Chapel off Chapel, Melbourne & Government House, Sydney (*3)

Festival for a Quiet Life (2001) Dancer/collaborator. Choreography: Kim Vincs. At Gasworks Theatre (*2)

Shaken not Stirred (2001) Dancer. Blueroom. Choreography: Jacqueline Sherren

folding on forever (2000) Dancer/collaborator. Choreography: Luke Hockley. Australian Choreographic Centre (*6)

Doppelganger & Lily (2000) Dancer/collaborator. Choreography: Damien Hinds. At Deakin University & Dancehouse (*3)

Calm (1999) Dancer & choreographer. Great Escapes, Dancehouse (*2)

Dearest (1999) Performer, writer and collaborator with Yoni Prior. For ‘Great Escapes’ at Dancehouse (*2)

Absolutes (1998) Actor. Dir: Nicky Smith. At Theatreworks, St. Kilda (*10)

Lay Bare (1997) Dancer & choreographer. For ‘Mixed Metaphor’ at Dancehouse (*6)

Tangent (1997) Dancer/collaborator. Choreography: Jean Tally. Dancehouse (*4)

Fall Out (1997) Dancer/collaborator. Choreography: Luke Hockley. At Dancehouse (*4)

Motion sickness (1997) Dancer & choreographer. For ‘Great Escapes’ at the Gasworks (*2)

Before Your Very Eyes (1997) Improvised group performance. Directed by Lisa Nelson. At Dancehouse

Itch (1996) Dancer & choreographer. For ‘Great Escapes’ at Dancehouse (*4)

Point of View (1996) Dancer & choreographer. Duet with Jane Mortiss. For ‘ Bodyworks’ at Dancehouse (*4)

Delectatio (1996) Dancer/collaborator. Choreography: Natalie Cursio. For Dance Elixir at VCA (*5)

Marla’s Dance (1995) Dancer/collaborator. Choreography: Kim Vincs. At the Gasworks (*3)

The Contortionists (1994) Actor. At La Mama. Dir: Fiona McHugh (*5)

Danceworks (1990–95) Company member

Vagabonds & High Flyers (1995) Choreography: Helen Herbertson (*22)

Physical Business (1992 & 1994) Choreography: Herbertson (*17)

In the Company of Angels (1993) Choreography: Herbertson (*8)

Passage II (1993) Choreography: Sandra Parker (*9)

Breaking the Silence (1993) Choreography: Herbertson, Collins, Fletcher, Reid, Warby (*6)

Human to Human (1992) Choreography: Herbertson, Warby, Reid, Fletcher, Daffy, Collins, Bell (*7)

Common touch—Eve’s Dance (1991) Choreography: Beth Shelton (*17)

Backlash (1991) Choreography: Herbertson (*17)

No Physical Injury (1991) Choreography: Herbertson (*9)

Web (1991) Choreography: Shelton (*9)

Private Lives, Public Places (1991) Choreography: Herbertson, Reid (*20)

Wings of Summer (1990 & 1991) Dir: Shelton & Meme McDonald

My Friend the Chocolate Cake (1991) Choreography: Ros Warby (*4)

Famous people I haven’t quite Met Yet (1990) Choreography: Bryan Smith (*3)

Three wings (1990) Choreography: Shelton (*13)

Second sight (1990) Choreography: Herbertson (*13)

Lightly disguised (1990) Choreography: Herbertson & Shelton (*21)

Outlet Dance (1987-89) Founding company member

Really Working season (1989) Choreography: Herbertson, Long, McLeod, Parker, Reid (*6)

Come Out Youth Festival country tour (1989)

Motor Drive (1989) Choreography: Parker, Reid, Fraser (*6)

New Works season (1988) Choreography: Callaghan, Fraser, Herbertson, Reid, Roche (*3)

The Late Show with Billy & the Redfins (1987) Adelaide Festival Centre Bar

Living Art Auction (1987) Fundraising event for establishment of Outlet Dance

Street Performance (1989–1992) Adelaide, Melbourne, Paris, Avignon, Nice, Dublin, Edinburgh, London

Lightly Disguised (1989) Pilot project for DANSA. Choreography: Herbertson & Shelton (*2)

Orpheus & Eurydice (1988) Dancer. State Opera of South Australia, Her Majesty’s (*6)

Legend (1988) Dancer. Choreography: David Roche. Champagne Fairs for Adelaide Fringe (*6)

The Tapperuccis (1984–87) Tap dance/cabaret ensemble. Various festivals and events

Tap Vinaigrette (1984) The Vinegar Room, Adelaide Fringe (*9)

Little Sister’s Cabaret (1986) The Vinegar Room, Adelaide Fringe (*6)

         End of Financial Year Sale (1987) With Flinders Street Big Band. Prospect Town Hall (*3)

Duncan & the Dinosaurs (1985/86) Contemporary dance ensemble. Various clubs and events

Juxtapose (1986) Third year production, BA Dance, Adelaide SACAE (*4)

Fall & Recovery (1986) Doris Humphrey reconstructed works, BA Dance, Adelaide SACAE (*3)

The Rose & the Ring (1982) Actor. Directed by Rosemary Nursey-Bray.  Hartley SACAE Drama Dept (*4)

In the Heart of the British Museum (1981) Actor. Directed by Michael Baldwin. Hartley SACAE Drama Dept (*5)

The House of Bernarda Alba (1981) Actor. Directed by Gordon Goulding. Hartley SACAE Drama Dept (*4)

Teendreams (1980) Actor. Director: David Young. Hartley SACAE Drama Dept (*6)

Queer Street (1976) Actor. Directed by Vicki Butler. Mt Gambier High School Drama Group (*3)

Half a Sixpence (1977) Actor. Directed by David Lymn. Mt Gambier High School Drama Group (*3)

Before Your Very Eyes (1978) Actor. Directed by Vicki Butler. Mt Gambier High School Drama Group (*3)

Barbara Lees School of Dancing (1970–78)

Syncopated Fantasy Tour to Adelaide Fringe (1978) Unley Town Hall (*6)

The Loves of King Henry VIII (1978) International Festival, Valley Lake

Denim & Old Lace (1976) Back to Mount Gambier Centenary Celebrations, Kings Theatre (*2)

Syncopated Fantasy No. 3–7 (1971–77) Kings Theatre, Mt Gambier (*24)

Funfair (1971–73) Dancer. Children’s Television program, SES Channel 8, Mt Gambier (*5)

Hansel & Gretel (1971) Actor/extra. Mt Gambier Theatre Group (*6)