Since 1993 Dianne has created over 50 screendance works. Her dance films have screened at Festivals in Norway, Sweden, India, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth with return invitations to screen at Videodance, Greece (02 & 04) and ADF Dancing for the Camera, USA (04, 09, 10, & 11). Her 2010 collaboration with Weave Movement Theatre, A Broken Puzzle, was awarded a distinction by the 2011 ADF Screendance Festival for “a work that is invested with dignity and humanity, and demonstrating the potential for Screendance to make a difference”.

“Being able to improvise the duet between camera and dancer has given me access to the most successful dance on screen material. My now extensive experience as a camera operator and editor informs my studio processes greatly. I dance with the camera; I use post-production processes on live bodies; I create dancing bodies out of static landscapes.”

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Yield (2022) Performance, camera & edit. Commissioned by Dance Hub SA for their Dance.Focus program. Collaborating dancers: Jan Boswarva, Amanda Kimber, Rosalind Powrie, Ellie Rosenfeld, Allegra Stocks, and Eleanor Williams. Original score by Aidan Munn.

Screendance Studio (2021) A collection of screendance exchanges as part of Dianne’s artist residency at the Australian Dance Theatre’s Centre for International Choreography. The Gathering includes remote exchanges with screendance artists (Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt, Kelly Drummond Cawthon, Simon Ellis, Douglas Rosenberg, Cinzia Schincariol and Emma Wilson) and self-titled portraits from in studio exchanges with dance performers (Alison Currie, Lisa Heaven & Peter Sheedy, Carol Wellman Kelly, Aidan Munn and Elizabeth Cameron Dalman).

Mother Tree (2021) Direction, camera, edit and performance. Also features performance by Elizabeth Cameron Dalman. Music by Aidan Kane Munn.

Yesterday’s Skeleton (2020) [60 min] Bio-pic created by & featuring Dianne Reid, with Ann-maree Ellis, Shaun McLeod, Sarah Munn & Melinda Smith. Original Music by Julian Barnett. Supported by residencies with Dance Hub SA and Tasdance.

Communal Bloom Strategy (2020) Performance, camera & edit. Commissioned by Dance Hub SA for their Dance.Focus program. Collaborating dancers: Aidan and Sarah Munn, Simi Roche. Original score by Aidan Munn.

Nest (2020) [3 min] Performance, camera & edit. Part of ‘Poetics of Home’ project, curated by Gretel Taylor, 2020.

Supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants.

Nothing but bones in the way (2018) [36:30] Performance, camera & edit. A collaboration with dancer Melinda Smith. Additional camera: Lindesay Dresdon. Screenings: The Moves, Hobart 2018; Iris Cinema, Adelaide 2018; National Rural Health Conference, Hobart 2019; Winner Best Dance Film, ReelheART Festival, Toronto, Canada 2019.

Shimmer (2018) [5:39] Direction, camera and edit. Featuring Elaine Baxter, Caitie Foster, Claire Horden, Sarah Race, Fay Reid, Cathy Sansom, Melinda Smith, Gretel Taylor. Music ‘Shimmer’ by Harmonic Project. Screenings: A Woman’s Place, Rosebud (2018); The Moves, Hobart (2018); National Rural Health Conference, Hobart (2019).

Dancing Place (2016) [47 min] Camera & edit. 9 short dance videos featuring residents from Wyndham Shire, Victoria and facilitated by Gretel Taylor. Screenings: Tom Paton Gallery, Melbourne 2016; Wyndham Gallery, Werribee 2017. Supported by the University of Melbourne.

Someone Somewhere Dancing Passionately (2016) [7 mins] Camera & edit. Directed by Gretel Taylor. 2 short videos featuring elder residents of Yarra Ranges. For ‘Dance Here’ project, Yarra Ranges. Screenings: The Memo, Healesville, 2016. Supported by Yarra Ranges Shire Council.

Faldinghurst (2015) [3:25] Direction, camera & edit. Performance by Gülsen Özer. Music by Jo Quail. Screenings: Light Moves Screendance Festival, Limerick 2015; Flings with Strings, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne 2016.

DSW (2015) [4:23] Performance, camera & edit. Additional dancer Melinda Smith. Music by Jason Sweeney. Screenings: DFFUK, London 2015; Melbourne Fringe Film 2015.

They Disappear (2014) [3:21] Direction, camera, edit and soundscape. Additional camera by Kat Cameron. Performed by Janelle Bentley, Kat Cameron, Hildy Feen, Jerri Hurlbutt, Grace Jolicoeur and Dianne Reid. Text created as part of the contemplative writing workshop led by Miriam Hall on August 5. Created for ‘Summerwork’ hosted by Douglas Rosenberg, 4–9 August 2014 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Red Rattler (2014) [8:20] Performance, camera and edit. Screenings: Light Moves Screendance Festival, Limerick, Ireland 2014.

Under My Feet (2012) [5 min] Movement Direction. A collaboration with Heather Frahn (music), Jeni Lee (film) & local artists in the Port Elliot/Goolwa region, for Country Arts SA. Screenings: Signal Point Gallery, Goolwa 2012. Supported by Country Arts SA.

Bloodsugar (2012) [6.09] Camera & edit. Choreography by Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt. Dancer Aloun Marchal. Screenings: CSIRO DANscienCE Festival 2013.

A Beautiful Day (2012) [3:56] Direction, camera & edit. Performance by Melinda Smith. Screenings: ADF International Screendance Festival, Durham, USA 2013; CSIRO DANscienCE Festival, Canberra 2013; Ausdance SA Choreolab, Adelaide 2012; Open Look, St Petersburg, 2014; Idill online Dance Film Festival 2014; Digital Creatures, Melbourne Fringe Films 2014.

A Broken Puzzle (2010) [4:42] Direction, camera & edit. A collaboration with Weave Movement Theatre (differently-abled dance company) Screenings: The Other Film Festival & Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2010; ADF Dancing for the Camera, USA 2011; Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Colorado, USA 2011; Tramways, Glasgow 2014. Award: ADF International Screendance Festival, Durham, NC, USA, Certificate of Recognition—2011.

The Weight (2010) [4:53] Performance, camera & edit.

Day 1, 2010 (2010) [2:20] Performance, camera & edit.

Magnificent Sadness (2009) [4:29] Choreography, camera & edit. Dancer Luke Hickmott. Screenings: ADF Dancing for the camera, USA 2010; Intimate Exposure, Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2010; Choreolab, Ausdance SA, 2011.

Yours Truly (2009) [9 min] Camera & edit. Directed by Katrina Rank. Featuring people with disability from City of Yarra. A video installation of 5 short videos for Art of Difference Festival (includes She Sleeps, video 3:47) Screenings: She Sleeps at ADF Dancing for the camera, Durham, USA 2009; Intimate Exposure, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2010; Booth: A Dance Fair at Bloomberg Space, London 2011.

Unheard Voices (2009) [30 mins] Camera & edit. Documentary short featuring Mallika Sarabhai and Darpana performing group, Kerala, India.

Travelling (2009) [3:46] Camera & edit. Music by Skipping Girl Vinegar (Mark Lang). Screenings: Some Screendance, Horse Bazaar 2009; Choreolab, Ausdance SA, 2011.

Ja Matta 2 (2008) [2:32] Performance, camera & edit. Created/performed in collaboration with Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt, Sweden. Created in Melbourne.

Tony (2007) [2:55] Camera & edit. Performance by Tony Yap. Music by Mark Lang. Screenings: Sydney Festival Dance Screen, 2008; Dance Flicks, Dancehouse, Melbourne 2008; Electrofringe, Newcastle, 2008.

Hard Times (2007) [7:40] Direction, performance & edit. Camera by Darpana Dept of Communication. Screenings: Vikram Sarabhai Festival, India 2007; Microdance, Norway 2007jh.

Drought (2006) [6:20] Choreography & edit. Performance by Darpana Performing Group. Screenings: Vikram Sarabhai Festival, India, 2007.

44 (1) (2006) [2:00] Performance, camera & edit. Additional performance by Ana Zavala, Peru. Screenings: Microdance, Norway 2007.

Tuesday November 14 (2006) [3:50] Camera & edit.

Dance Path (2005) [7:28] Direction, camera & edit. Performance by Dancehouse’s independent dance community. Music by Sunwrae (Rae Howell). Screenings: Dancehouse, Melbourne, 2005 & 2012; Bite Size, Channel 31, 2007.

Disclosure (2005) [4:10] Camera & edit. Performance by David Corbet & Jacob Lehrer. Music by Mark Lang. Screenings: Dance Flicks at Dancehouse, 2005.        

Fantasy Movie (2003) [2:11] Performance & edit. Camera by Francis Treacey. Part of ‘Scenes of Another Life’ performance work, Dancehouse. Screenings: Sweden, 2011.

Neglect (2003) [6 min] Choreography, camera & edit. Performance by Chay Baker, Sheridan Lang & Emma Wilson. Music by Mark Lang. Screenings: Hong Kong Fringe Club, 2004; ADF Dancing for the camera, USA, 2004; Videodance, Athens & Thessaloniki, 2004; Dance Flicks at Dancehouse, 2004; Cinemoves, Sydney Dance Co, 2005; Microdance, Norway, 2007.

Luke (2002) [3 min] Choreography, camera & edit. Dancer Luke Hockley. Screenings: Videodance, Greece, 2002; IMZ Dance Screen, Monaco, 2002; Dance Flicks at Dancehouse, Melbourne 2004; Run that Reel, Reeldance, Sydney 2010.

In Passing (2002) [3 min] Choreography, camera & edit. Dancer Tim Harvey. Music by Mark Lang.

Headspace (2001) [4 min] Performance & edit. Camera by Ben Speth. Collaboration with M. Bergan, S. Ulrich & K. Cullen, for Reel Dance Advanced Workshop (One Extra Company), Sydney, 2001.

Back & Forth (2000) [6:30] Direction, performance & edit. Cameras by Francis Treacey & Paul Huntingford. Dancer Fiona McGrath. Screenings, PICA, Perth, 2001; Ausdance Screening, VCA, Melbourne, 2001; Glasgow, 2014.

27 Seconds (2000) [18 min] Choreography, camera & edit. A document of stage work created for WAAPA.

The 12 stages of adventure (1998) [12 min] Choreography, camera & edit. Additional camera by Paul Huntingford. Music by Julian Barnett. Performed by Natalie Cursio, Viviana Sacchero, Hayden Priest, Dianne Reid, Jacqueline Sherren & Cara Mitchell. Screenings: Double Dialogues Conference, Theatreworks, St. Kilda, 1998; Melbourne Fringe Short film Festival, Revolver, Prahran, 1999; Parallax Dance/Film Event, Pitch Black Studio, South Melbourne, 2000.

This could be the start of something (1997) [2:22] Performance & direction. Camera & edit by Paul Huntingford. Screenings: Dance Lumiere, Dancehouse, North Carlton, 1997; Melbourne Fringe Short Film Festival, Revolver, Prahran, 1999.

Chiaroscuro (1995) [3 min] Performance & direction. Camera & edit by Paul Huntingford. Screening: Dance Lumiere, Dancehouse, North Carlton, 1997.

Triggered (1994) [10 min] Performance & creative development. Collaborative project with Paul Huntingford, Brian Parker & Andrew Ferguson. Screening: Green Mill Dance project, Malthouse, Sth Melb,1995.

Supported by a creative development grant, Australia Council for the Arts.

Betrayal (1993) 16mm [3 min] Choreography & direction. Camera by Andrew Ferguson. Edit by Paul Huntingford. Dancer Jane Mortiss. Part of ‘Betrayal’ performance work in Danceworks at the Gasworks season, South Melbourne, 1993.


Video Documentation

Dianne has documented and created screen translations of the work of a number of Australian dance artists and independent companies including BalletLab, Dancehouse, Helen Herbertson, Ros Warby, Trevor Patrick, Room2Move, Bagryana Popov, One Point 618 and Ausdance. She also collaborates regularly with Hellen Sky on her digital performances.

Workshops with Dianne Reid in Choreography of the camera (3 hr)—studio or location
These studio workshops look at the duet of dance video: the relationship of the moving camera and the moving body. Through a mixture of improvisational and compositional tasks participants will work with the interaction between cinematographer and dancer and how this creates new choreography in a screen context. Participants will experiment with hand-held moving camera with a focus on the interplay between the camera and the body (of both dancer and operator). With attention to pathways, angles, proximity, focus and light it explores ways to affect, alter, or enhance the aesthetic and kinaesthetic of the choreographic material.

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