Week 2 merging into 3

Week 2 merging into 3

A big 2nd week blurring into the 3rd

a mix of live shoots (Aidan Munn, Alison Currie, Elizabeth Cameron Dalman) and virtual conversations/creative exchanges (Emma Wilson (Qld), Simon Ellis (UK), and Zoë Dunwoodie (SA but in Perth)

discussions verbal and physical..

How to get close from a distance?

Reminders about sensation and imagination

Choreographing connection

Gathering community

Cultivating sensitivity

What do we know about finding our surfaces and opening them to others? How do we activate rest and rest in communication? And when we are face to face, where is touch now? How we listen to our interior, where we settle in relation to locations, conditions, patterns.

A story-telling process, the gathering of insights, impressions, less about facts/dates/events, more about creative response. Letting things rise to the surface.



The creative development of this work has been kindly supported by Australian Dance Theatre’s Artist in Residence/ICC Program.