X — Dance Hub SA: live-streamed improvised event

X — Dance Hub SA: live-streamed improvised event

Tomorrow at 4pm (ACST) Dance Hub goes live with “X” —the first of four interdisciplinary improvised events.

Watch here   (starts 5 mins in)

X is a performed improvised event and the breeding ground of Dance and Music experimentation extending the lineage of luminaries Merce Cunningham and John Cage using chance and randomness as creative tools. At the outset of each live streamed performance the Dance and Music are both unknown and independent of each other – created through rules of chance.

All artists are co-creators of each event with sections allocated to specific collaborators of that performance, so directorship is shared and shifts continuously.

The August Ensemble for X:
Amanda Phillips
Adrianne Semmens
Dianne Reid
Sarah Neville
Lewis Major
Clementine Benson
Chloe Moir
Felicity Boyd
Janelle Egan
Callan Fleming
Laura Golding
Samuel Hall
Lily Potger
Sarah Wilson
Alexander Waite Mitchell &
Casper Hawksley; Fleur Green; Matthew Thomas; Stuart Patterson