Experiment #34

Experiment #34

Hey There (Heather) Kapplow gave us a provocation this morning called Experiment #34.

She had adapted it for Björkö from “Synchronized Travel” in The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel (Lonely Planet Publications 2005).

Our group of seven set our alarms for one hour and headed off alone. There were ten instructions to “develop an interpretation of what you find and experience around you that is at least slightly different than the way you would typically interpret your surroundings.”

This is mine.

I have entered the bibliotek of conversation

I felt calm to find the portal of contemplation, a chimney venting the below ground interconnectedness.

I found the number eleven, my birth number and the number of the dancer,  in the tree trunks.

The seat of learning led me to the turnstile of truth.


Something unusual was a blueberry, the essence of articulation, which led me to an archway.

On the return I found the veil of doubt near the trunk of trust leading to the ribs of rhetoric


and finally to the altar of falling leaves.







One response to “Experiment #34”

  1. Geraldine Avatar

    Lovely. It’s like magic, creating something new & completely different from just what is around you by seeing it differently.
    I also love seeing the beautiful place where you are living. I can really feel what it’s like. Thanks Dianne.