Creative screendance exchange

Creative screendance exchange

Emma Wilson is an ex dance student of mine (Deakin University) and a dancer in one of my early screendance works Neglect

A few months ago she got back in touch asking if I would be interested in being part of a mentoring/creative exchange project with her.

The result was two months of virtual exchange between Queensland, where she is, and South Australia, where I am.  Signalling through the Twitter platform, she would send me short video works in which she was both developing her skills in camera and editing but also reclaiming her body, her dance, after an extended period away from working there. She invited me to make a creative response to each of her works, either as words or video or links, which gave our exchange a mutual freedom to play, to learn and reflect intuitively and over the tyranny of distance. It enabled a rich collaboration which she has documented on her blog and I have quilted together into a longer dual-authored screen work that I am calling Miksang